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Pre- and Post- test setup in ITSI-SU using a combination of the Rails portal and PHP Portal/DIY/SDS

Edit the test in Word EH

  1. Move all of Nick's questions for a given unit into a single doc, e.g. sound-all
  2. Edit and pick which questions to use
  3. Paste Nick's images from Word into Graphic Converter, edit as needed, resize to less than 500 px
  4. Save images and put their names in the Word doc
  5. Post the images in the folder that goes with that subject (e.g. msearthscience):

Create the test in the Rails portal

  1. Go to the Rails Portal:
  2. Log in and enter your pre- or post- test:
    • The three units with all the tests are:
      • Unit: MS Pre and Post Tests
      • Unit: HS Pre and Post Tests
      • Unit: Math Pre and Post Tests
    • Create a Section for each pair of pre and post tests (this has already been done).
    • Enter a Pre-test on its own Page. The page name should be Pre-test.
    • Copy that page (in the same Section) and re-name it as a Post-test.
      • When the test is run, the Section title will be displayed in the top left of the test. The Page title will be in the top right.
    • Tests can be in the same Unit and Activity, which will make authoring simpler
  3. Copy the URL for the Page you're working with
  4. Append .otml to the url and save it for the next step

Create the External Otrunk Activity in the DIY

  1. Go to the DIY:
  2. Log in
  3. Click "External OTrunk Activities" in the left menu OR, here is the direct link:
  4. Click "Create new External OTrunk Activity" at the top of the page
  5. Give your activity a title and description
  6. For "External otml url:" paste the url you got from the rails portal
  7. Make sure "Always get the otml update from external url:" is checked
  8. Leave the rest as defaults, and click the "Create" button at the top or bottom of the page
  9. Copy the numerical ID of the created activity

Declare the Test in the PHP Portal

  1. Now go to the CC Members website:
  2. Log in
  3. Click the link "CC Portal: Activities"
    • If you don't see this link, then you don't have permissions to create activities in the PHP Portal
  4. Click "Add" at the very top of the page
    • Note: you can also duplicate any other entry – for instance, add the pre-test and then duplicate it and change just the information to refer to the post-test
  5. Fill in the activity information
    • Make sure to leave activity_id at its default
    • Make sure you select appropriate ITSI-SU values for activity_level, activity_subject and activity_unit
    • activity_order should be 0 for pre-test and 1 for post-test
    • Make sure to paste your numerical activity id into the diy_identifier field (the external_otrunk_activity number)
    • Make sure to select ExternalOtrunkActivity from the diy_type pulldown
    • Make sure to select Ready from the activity_status pulldown
  6. Click "Save Activity" when you are done
  • Examples are activities in the "Demo" level in the Members activity list


Now if you go to the itsisu php portal activity list (, you should see your new pre- or post- test in the activity list.

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