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Concord Consortium's Confluence website provides an area for CC's employees and collaborators to exchange ideas, plan projects, and archive documentation. The site is divided into sections that corelate to projects (in most cases), called 'spaces'. Some spaces are viewable by the public(including commenting), others require user logins and group membership. We request that all users create a user account to reap the full benefits of group membership, such as access to more spaces, commenting, and, in some spaces, adding and editing pages.
Remember to follow good password creation guidelines when creating a new password. A good password should be six or more characters in length, and created by mixing upper and lower alpha characters with numerical characters.
Forgot your Password?
If you think you may already have an account, please use the Forgot Password page to get a new password mailed to the email address specified for that account. Our site has a limited number of user accounts and it is not always straightforward to delete duplicate user accounts.
All Concord Consortium employees have user accounts.
Once a new password is emailed to your email account, you can change it to something easier to remember by going to your account edit page and logging in.
Create an Account
To create an account, go to Cannot resolve external resource into attachment. Sign Up. You are free to create any appropriate user name, but standard user names are typically set up with the first letter of your first name followed by your full last name, all in lower case with no spaces. If you type in a character that is not allowed or the username has already been taken, an error message will let you know.
User management for CC's Confluence is actually handled by CC's bug tracking system JIRA, so your username/password pair will allow you to use Jira for submitting and tracking software bugs on CC's software. By default, all new accounts are placed in a default user group that allow users to access more spaces than a non-registered user, but less than some specialized groups. If you are not accessing the spaces you need to (and you'll know), contact for more permissions.

See Navagating Spaces for how to get around in Confluence.

Hello, I am struggling with getting images to appear on my pages. Images I want to use are on existing web pages or on the H drive. I searched the net for any suitable info by SE, but at the result downloaded some too complicated articles. Advice much appreciated.

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