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Modeling Across the Curriculum (MAC)

The MAC project was the first to formally use Pedagogica for it's activity development and deployment. Pedagogica 1.0 used a folder-like nested client interface (DEUCE - Deployed End User Client Environment) for delivery and used ACE (Activity Construction Editor) for development. Each of the activity areas appeared as folders in the client, and each runnable activity had it's own icon, which would either be general or specific for that activity. This method of deployment using this client preceded JNLP and WebStart general availability.

Even though the MAC project is now finished, one can still view the MAC software and content as long as the Concord Consortium maintains the code and data on it's serves. In particular, if one were to download the jar file represented by this link:

and place it in it's own (otherwise empty) folder, then run it as a Java application, it would run the DEUCE client and provide access to all the activities and tools used by the MAC project when it was active. 

Below are some sample views of the DEUCE client (renamed Pedagogica Explorer).

The top level view of the whole system (from a development perspective):

View of the sub-folder containing Dynamica based activities: 

This is the view of the folder containing some development tools (including ACE):

Molecular Biology and Molecular Workbench (MolBio, et al)

Technology Enhanced Learning in Science (TELS)

Boston University Quantum Mechanics

SRI Calipers

Computer-Assisted Performance Assessment (CAPA)

deuce.png (image/png)
deuce-top.png (image/png)
deuce-dev.png (image/png)
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