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Software provided by The Concord Consortium

Generic Pedagogica Authoring Tools that can be run from WISE 2.5

Customized activities

Molecular Workbench Links


  • ACE (Activity Construction Editor) This will point inside the local cache directory by default. Anything that is modified or created there may be overwritten by an update or deleted by clearing the cache. Ace Same VM
  • Here is the Test version of this page.

Pedagogica Explorer

You can login, register, and download the Pedagogica Explorer software in If you are not a member of the TELS School, login as username:tretreat, password: tretreat.

Documentation and Extras

To check if you have the proper resources installed to do anything on this page, click here.

If you are a Developer, Scripter or Author, you might be interested in some of the documents at the following page: Pedagogica Scripters and Developers Pages

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