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  • more tools so authors can practically create and modify more of the activities
    • ordering and re-ordering of pages within an activity
    • re-ordering of activities in unit TOC
    • branching
    • data table connected to bar graph, and line graph
    • single value data collector connected to data table
    • translation authoring
  • improve basic authoring tool
    • automatic saving
    • author can view student mode, either as a whole or individual objects (e.g. questions and scaffolding)
    •  support for undo
    • viewing changes
    • Version control -- Dev authoring and school releases
    • updating school versions without losing student data
      • freeze a version for each class
      • be able to give a revised version to other classes
      • able to keep track of and recover which version each  class used
    • associate coaches with individual questions OR an individual page
    • a technical hint system
      • different categories -- some shared, some specific
        • graph use
        • drawing tool use
        • setting up probes
        •  help with a specific experimental procedure
        • help with a model -- could be general or specific
      • UI for technical hints -- ideas
        • roll-over or pop-up with an explanation (bigger than the present rollover text)
        • rt-click to learn more about it
        • help mode -- graphically dramatic info about all the buttons and regions
        • movie mode
        • paper clip (box below) mode
        • wrench icon or link from a word mode
        • go to another tabbed window:
          1. here are the tools on this object (e.g. graph)
          2. movie of how to use it e.g. a playback example (video tutorial)
          3. FAQ: what do these different tools do?
        • separate activities explaining how to use the elements e.g. graph or model
    • glossary access
    • visual glossary material
  • scaffolding issues
    • call the questions "leveled questions"; scaffolding is a general word for hints
    •  display student view of scaffolding during authoring
    • be able to enter a question without scaffolding, then add scaffolding easily later
    • how standard is the level structure?
    • who decides the scaffolding availability?
    • are there other level features besides scaffolded questions?
  •  improve parts of tool that already work:
    • wysiwyg text editing
    • scaffolded question authoring
  • better support for collaborative authoring
    • integrated content management
    • support for shared objects
    • viewing changes
  • make an authoring tool that teachers are comfortable using
  • teacher guide
    • how to access it
    • associated with each unit? activity? page? question? (correct answer space)
    • teacher version shows guidance and answers?

Authoring writing tasks


  • check 34,56 math activities 


  •  electrical resistance activity with NetLogo model
  • 34, 56 math activities



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