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turn on and check auto-numbering

The "submit" button at the end of the post test (and pretest?) should automatically save their data at that moment.

Fix bugs in graphing tool:

  • use of data point label has problems
  • reset to default range doesn't always work
  • make "none" default instead of "engineering"
  • need to make sure the graph doesn't free-scale (leaving data behind)

Smart graph script

  • add features for live data, such as smoothing and finding the max or a value at a given time
  • automatically display units with numerical answer

Windows sound volume problem.

Compress Camtasia movies that explain graphs or models OR use another way to convey this information. OR just just this in the teacher guide?

fix printing of activity with branches.
Make inner page taller in authoring. WISH LIST

remove "subtitle" adding when a page is first created. WISHLIST

in pretest and posttest, make an object that can go with the question, which will be displayed in the report, if the prompt is insufficient.



Improve the compass icon to be transparent.
Always check data collectors - especially, data carried from one page to another!

Put answers in teacher version

Add smart model questions to the graph that goes with the MW model in cl56 - making clouds.LATER

NL elect. resistance movie

Keep track of teacher feedback....

get some images (elect stamps? two genecons?) redrawn by Ian.

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