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Madeleine's notes:


Push it- doesn't automatically switch the pushing surfaces for you. Could be confusing. For the wood activity the graph doesn't level out after the package has stopped. If you use the tracer tool it shows that it peaks at (3.5, 4.12) but then the y values slowly decrease as time goes on to (11.4, 3.99) the graph looks fine, but it could be confusing to a kid if he happened to use the tracer tool.

on the "elaborate section (p.8), the graphs are/look slightly parabolic as well.the package actually starts scooting backwards slowly. activity froze after using tracer function and then resetting.

when drawing the graphs, the graph only takes up half of the drawing window. might want to make it clear that the same force is pushing each box.

Slip sliding away- not clear that there is a slide stamp. Don't understand why y axis is labeled "force (5N) (N).

Hot stuff- Robots are doubled. Snapshot in lab book is very distorted

Penny warming- when clicking on the '?' for hints, when it finally gives the correct answer it says 'a good answer is:' but no other correct answers have that in front of them when they appear after asking for hints

Start moving- couldn't delete label boxes. If making one, hitting 'cancel' does the same thing as hitting 'ok'. Robots doubled. Around p.10 the application quit unexpectedly

Pretest- 'circuit' is used without explaining what it is. As is 'voltage'

Light it up- p 2: only takes snapshot of certain part of the screen altough you can draw in other parts. Cuts off part of the drawing.

Charged balloons- P.12: model says it should hide all the pairs of charges but some are still visible on the balloon. On the right and lower edges of the model it is possible for the balloons to get lost.

Plants 34
Parts of a plant- doesn't let you take snapshot of the things you label/make

Water and sunlight- asks for most light on p. 14, but if you label a peak it says it's wrong and tells you to label a plateau. Might be discouraging. Would be better if it told you to pick a plateau in the directions. P. 15 data table is very small. Would be easier if you didn't have to scroll.

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