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UDL Plant Pre-test (3-4)

Introduction - What do plants eat?
UDL Plant Introduction (3-4)

1) Why do plants look the way they do?  Watch it grow!
Terms: Roots, Stems, Leaves, Food, structure, function
Computer: Observe Plants growing (time lapse) and the plant parts model
Defining Picture - Generic Plant (Flower box)
UDL Plant Act 1 - Parts of a Plant

2) Why do plants have stems, roots and leaves? Stems, roots & leaves
Terms: Roots, root hairs, stems, leaves, stomata, chloroplasts, chlorophyll
Activity: Dissection/Observation of parts of a plant (leaf, roots and stem)
Defining Picture - three kids investigating plants on a table (clip art)
UDL Plant Act 2

3) Can plants survive without water and sunlight? Water and sunlight
Terms: Hypothesis, data, survive, sunlight and water
Lab: Something to do with water and sunlight using a light probe
Defining Picture - girl watering plants (clip art)
UDL Plant Act 3

4)Do plants eat? The factory
Terms: photosynthesis, leaves, stems, roots, sunlight, air, water and food.
Computer: Food-O-meter
Defining Picture - Kids observing garden growing.
UDL Plant Act 4

Math activity Graph it growing!
Students can graph the data they collected from "Can plants survive without water and sunlight?"

Change 8/17/07 - Carolyn is going to do the math activity.  Act 3 is going to focus on sunlight and a probe and the math activity is going to focus on water and growing plants. Bar activity
UDL Plant Math Activity

Reading activity

[Suggestion - go with professor Green and a team of green team students.  They are looking for clues to answer the question - do plants eat?]


UDL Plant 3-4 Wrap Up

UDL Plant Post-test (3-4)

Grades 5-6

UDL Plant Pre\-test \(5\-6\)

Introduction - What do plants eat?
UDL Plant Introduction (5-6)

1) How do plants make their own food?
Activity: Modified Plant Game
UDL 5-6 Plant Act 1

2) Why are plants green?
Terms: Chlorophyll, chloroplasts
Computer: NL Macro Model
seeing things move into the chloroplasts
UDL 5-6 Plant Act 2

3) What happens inside a chloroplast?
Terms: sugar,
Computer: NL Micro Model
seeing sugar being produced and day and night
UDL 5-6 Plant Act 3

4) How do we know this is happening? (Not sure if I like this question - this will change)
Relative Humidity Lab from TEEMS
9-27-07 we are going with the relative humidity lab modified from TEEMS (possibly add a light sensor)
UDL 5-6 Plant Act 4
Math activity - line graph

Reading activity
5-6 plant story as of 9-27-07


UDL Plant post test \(5\-6\)


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