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Examples from CAST

Notes from Cynthia:

In this activity, I like the concrete examples to address the three types of supports recognized by UDL (recognition, strategic, affective).  For example, in the affective domain, "Offer adjustable levels of challenge."  The Shodor spinner can be modified to go from 1-12 colors for different levels of challenge.

In this activity, I like that the teacher has students choose which science book they want to read in order to answer the basic questions (about plant growth, in this case).  Carolyn says she has tons of books and I know she went to bookstores looking for more!  I love the idea of including actual books for our young learners (say, grade 3/4 who will be learning about clouds.)

It seems to me that these are the closest examples to what we need (grades 3-6 science).

Eventually, we will need to create lesson plans and these provide a nice framework/template.   The proposal says, "Each of the seven modules will include lesson plans (from the formative implementation), a description of common student errors and misconceptions, answers to questions with explanations and rubrics for student evaluation."

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