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UDL Coaches with examples

Affective Network Coach - Engage & motivate - Why learn this? 
Remember the last time you went down a slide. Was it fast or slow?  Can you remember what material the slide was made of?

Different materials, like sandpaper and cloth, feel different to the touch.  I like the feel of some, but not others.

Slides are fun!  Sometimes it's fun to go really fast.  But sometimes you might want to go slower.

Strategic Network Coach - Planning & performing tasks - How do I do this?
How do you think you could measure the friction of different surfaces?

Think back to the times you went faster or slower on the slides. What were you wearing?  Remember how the different fabrics affected your speed on the slide.

Touch the different materials.  With each one, think about using that material on a slide.

Recognition Network Coach- Gathering facts & describing - What is happening?
I see a girl going down a slide.  I wonder if how fast she goes will have something to do with friction.

You did several experiments. Think about your results.  How do the results help you answer the questions?

Collect the materials on your desk in the order of most sticky to most slippery.

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