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A final review of each unit should include the following:

1) Check coaches -- do they exist for each activity and story?  Do they work (open with the robot moving)?

2) Make sure scaffolding is set at lowest level.

2a) Check that scaffolding exists for a selected set of questions. ?? Which set? ??

3) Remove links to glossary words from pre- and post-tests.  Note words that should be added to the glossary.

4) Proofread!

5) data collectors: set the scientific notation OFF
6) Wrap-up needs a field for a password to be entered.
Why? EH

7) Post-test should have submit button.  (What happens after student submits?)
They do except for clouds 34 and 56.

8) All images should have border = 1, except the introductory colored images have border = 0.In tables, images should have no top and bottom padding, but you can use
style="padding-left: 20px; padding-right: 20px"

8a) whenever inner pages are in a table, add "valign="top" in the <td> tag to shift the inner page box to the top.

9) Check that the correct activities are associated with each pre- and post-test item, and that a correct answer is entered by the author for each item.

10) Wrapping up should end with a reference on to the post-test. password from teacher?

11) Check that all data collectors and sensors have the appropriate "magnifying glass" technical hints and a snapshot button.

12) Remove source code that makes a big space between the page number line and the text.

13) Make sure activities are cleaned up (so that students don't start half-way through)

15) We need to set some glossary words to NOT show (case-by-case basis).  For example, on pages 4 and 7 of the Clouds 56 story, Elvira asks the children, "What's the matter?"  Matter is a glossary word, however, with this definition: Matter is anything that takes up space. Solid, liquid and gas are all states of matter.

16) Check appearance and behavior in Mac and PC. (in student view)

17) Make corrections noted in teacher guides.

18) Check snapshot button -- that it's taking snapshot of correct feature.  should it say "take a snapshot" now that it's "add to lab book"?
19) check that every model is credited, with a reference (in very small font – surrounded by <div class="credit"> </div>.

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