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UDL Axes

Differentiate udl axes and attributes that can be implemented at he component level and those that need to created at the authoring level:

Authoring level:

  • student pedagogical level in response to challenge (scaffolding)
  • content pedagogical level
    • reading level
    • challenge complexity

Natural Language

  • English, Spanish, ...

Component level:

  • visual/textual/aural presentation
    • text size/contrast
    • visual stimulation: high, medium, low
    • visual/textual/verbal emphasis
    • speed: slow, medium, fast
    • focus on just one component by expanding the screen
    • visual complexity

Additional UDL axes ideas:

  • activity organizational structure
    • procedural
    • challenge-filed
    • a character in a narrative that has a problem/challenge they need your help with
    • mess around/explore

Page turning vs. Scrolling

  • page by page navigation with one idea on a page
  • vs. longer pages with multiple ideas on one page

Assumption that we are moving in a linear fashion.

Clear navigational system

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