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  • Ability of authors to graph functions (Y= ...) and pieces of functions (e.g., between x=0 and x=6; between x=6 and 10; etc)
  • Ability to easily switch the order of pages in a Smart Graph document (e.g., drag and drop a page)
  • Ability to set major and minor gridlines or tickmarks on each axis
  • Link Smart Graph to dynamic data (probes, freehand graphs, models)
  • Ability to display appropriate units after numeric answers
  • Ability to erase data point labels and have Smart Graph not "see" them anymore when making responses
  • Include a "rise over run" hint / tool (to help students understand slope)
  • Include a graph reading hint / tool (such as a line that connects a point on the graph to the X- and/or Y- axis)
  • Include a glossary
  • Include text-to-speech (including for hints)
  • Explore animations (e.g., an arrow might move to point to a key feature)
  • Allow scaffolding of all major graph components, including the axes, scales, titles, etc.
  • Make improvements in the graphing tool
    • data point label needs improvement: 1) the point jumps around, doesn't stay at the point you choose, and won't go to all points; 2)"cancel" should delete the data point; 3)it should probably default to the arrow, since now it's too easy to make a second data point by accident;
    • adding notes (in addition to data points) and editing the title should be possible
    • be able to mark and label a segment of the data line as well as a data point
    • engineering vs none scale should be editable on the fly. Sometimes one wants to change it after taking data.
    • display of bottom and side toolbars should be authorable; for example, hide individual icons such as the X and Y autoscale
    • make sure resetting to default range always works
    • make displayed number of decimal places authorable – in numeric display box, "cross-hairs", data point label box
    • able to change the time scale from seconds to minutes to hours after data has been taken, as well as before.
    • rescaling during data collection is not always cooperative.
    • the default scale is whatever it was when the user left the activity the last time. If he didn't hit "default" just before he left, the default changes the next time he opens it.
    • when a lot of data has been collected (say temperature for 2000 seconds), the application slows down to the point of being unusable.
  • Create a very lightweight version (e.g., one that works entirely in a browser without a separate file download); not necessarily saving student data on a server
  • Allow teacher authoring of the lightweight version (i.e., a browser-based SmartGraph); not necessarily saving student data

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