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Deadlines (working backward)

Fresno and Alaska have bad networks.
Alaska starts sometime in February.
Fresno starts in Jan. 03
Fresno Notes:

  • 6th grade 150 students per teacher 3 6th,
  • computer labs -
  • 2 sites: manchester and acomo
  • carts: 15 computers in a cart.
  • 2 computer rooms in acomo
  • don't know about shared home folders.
  • Brian is leaving on Jan. 1
  • Going to use for the whole school year,
    • going to use it when they can.


  • Initial download should be faster
  • Local Server support for user data
  • CD or flash drive install.

Runtime User Interface Changes

  • new image map, clickable udl tree, navigation UI
  • coaches aren't used by students much


  • better tts voices
    • Windows XP voices.
  • real people reading stories
  • optional automatic level changing
  • real time polling of student answers
  • arbitrary branches/levels for content areas of activities, possibly in response to student's actions
  • videos or other tools for technical help
  • Flash support


  • Spanish for Fresno
  • need authoring tool support for translation
  • need to check runtime support works in schools


  • pdf or print out of activity with student work
  • grading of pre and post test
  • concise report of work completed by student


  • support for classes
  • basic reports.
  • support for teacher to select languague, font, color
  • support for teacher to select level
  • support for teacher to enable post test


  • more tools so authors can practically create and modify more of the activities
    • branching
    • data table connected to bar graph, and line graph
    • single value data collector connected to data table
    • translation authoring
    • rearranging of pages
  • improve basic authoring tool
    • automatic saving
    • undo support
    • viewing changes
  • improve parts of tool that already work:
    • wysiwyg text editing
    • scaffolded question authoring
  • better support for collaborative authoring
    • integrated content management
    • support for shared objects
    • viewing changes
  • make an authoring tool that teachers are comfortable using
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