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  • php portal generates small otml that selects:
    • language
    • font size (css)
    • color scheme (css)
    • enable post test per class or per student.
    • teacher selecting scaffold level for the unit per class or per student.
      • set default scaffold level
      • disable other scaffold levels

Log the changes the teachers makes

PB: There's currently an access log that could be modified for this purpose

More complex functionality.

  • teacher can change the level of the unit 3-4 to 5-6 or vise versa for a particular student. This might happen after the pre test.
  • teacher can enable or disable activities based on student performance on particular questions of the pre test.

Names or numbers for students

Districts Bug

  • add school below district
  • why didn't concord district show up.

PB: part of the problem is that the District functionality was added for the RI-ITEST project and the ITSI/UDL information was never cleaned up since at that point I'd been dismissed from those projects. District used to be a text field, now it is an integer with a foreign key in a District table (technically the field is a varchar right now but it should be an int once all the text data is removed).

Activity naming

  • The overridden name for an "activity (Unit, Assessment) isn't used everywhere that the word "Activity" is displayed
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