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Level 1

  • Make sure lab book always loads background image
  • Make sure smart graph is not causing freezes

Level 2

  • Log starting and clearing of data graphs
  • Teachers can disable student writing of definitions
  • Students have option to re-write definitions
  • Glossary expands to show individual definitions
  • Have answer fields that include units
  • Print plants branching activities correctly
  • Allow smart graphs to support units
  • Smart graph:
    • Highlighting of graph axes
    • Label tool with lines going to axes
    • Pre-fill label tool
    • Student-draggable highlighter
  • Ensure a real graph snapshot is taken of push-it model (currently a screenshot of the graph is recorded)

Level 3

  • Native TTS for windows: currently windows and other non-Mac platforms use the FreeTTS library for speech. Switching to native would make for a slightly smaller download (though voice may be worse).
  • Models can't be currently printed out (they just display with a "Model" box). Printing out a real screen shot would be nice.
  • Simple disabling of individual glossary items by authors
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