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Required Before Installer Release

  • text field not auto expanding
  • snapshot doesn't work quite right for graphs.
  • multiple line graph scrolling bug.
  • try building a new installer
  • runtime support for paths through activities
  • Installer builder changes
    • have the jnlps come from urls instead of being copied in
    • have the otmls come from urls instead of being copied in
    • add in a file that includes the mozswing property using the relative path support (only for mac)
  • LaunchJnlp changes
    • changed properties handling so it loads all files in the properties folder
    • add a standard splash screen file name that it also looks for to show as soon as possible
    • added support for expanding system variables within system variables, so the mozswing property can be set relative to the install folder.
    • added support for nativelibs through the classloader.
    • test nativelib support with webstart
  • wrapper and installer changes
    • it shouldn't need to download the wrapped jnlp
  • improve the UI when an install folder isn't found it is confusing
  • build updated installer
  • installer error: see section at bottom
    • scytacki: this works for me now, with my locally installed files. We need to test it again with an updated installer.
  • test using a timestamp version
  • fixing wrapper jnlp so it doesn't use a versioned jar
  • teacher dashboard changes to support paths
  • (works for scytacki with 200908.0) smart graphs appear to be broken in the installer version as reported by madeleine: "Plants 56: Photosynthesis model won't run. (just appears black) Check answer buttons don't work"
  • tag the otml files
  • build final installers
  • testing the final installers
  • class defaults are broken in udl teacher dashboard (this might uncover a bug in the runtime where class defaults are also broken). This is happening for Sam's test class running the current portal report for Clouds (intermediate).
  • create custom view for udl project in auto page that has more documentation.
  • document how to fix the bug with webstart
  • setup a test redirect from to the current versions install page.
  • write up documentation about the installer for admins
    • where the files go
  • test teacher dashboard in staging portal
  • test if the enabling and disabling of paths actually works
  • update the portal to the new version of otml and jnlp (this is required with the installer so admins can test it with the portal)
  • setup the real redirect

After the Installer Release

  • hide all archived activities from the portal
  • caching code deletes .hdrs files from read cache when put is called with a matching
  • added support for "old" versions in the launching code
  • update template.jnlp to use new response cache and launcher code
  • release a new launcher 200908.1 which removes the https urls.
  • update the portal info pages based on the use of this installer
    • there is no link to the from the pages.
    • the FAQ takes about the first time an activity runs which is not relevant anymore.
    • in the Requirements the 10.4 webstart fix is references but for UDL that isn't needed anymore because in the installer system jardiff isn't used so the bug isn't hit.
  • switch the report to no_user mode instead of author mode (not sure where that is coming from right now, probably the diy)
    • when the report is in author mode then a dialog comes up asking if you want to save your work. That doesn't make sense for the report.
    • no_user_mode was recently updated so it would work correctly through sail. It is the correctly mode to use for reports. In that mode nothing is saved and there is no dialog asking for things to be saved.
  • document how to run the installer without user interface
    • this ought to go in the application.
    • that application now has a details page for each installer which seems an appropriate place for this.
  • commit the install and jnlpwrapper web application changes
    • scytacki made several changes to the install and jnlpwrapper web apps but never checked in those changes.
  • the total uncompressed size is not documented (it is different for each installer so should be automatically generated)
    • hopefully bitrock has a way to report the "after install" size of the installer. Hopefully that can be saved to a file when the installer is built. Then that file could be uploaded to the web app as meta information about the installer. Which finally could be used in the UI of the web app to give a user more information about the installer.

Known Issues and Untested stuff

  • drawing tools for annotating snapshots stretch or squish the image based on windows size so annotation might not line up in various cases.
  • some drawing tools move the lines/shapes around when the window is resized
    • this happens in drawing tools that are the inputs to questions
    • this happens in the labbook annotating drawing tools
  • reduce the amount of print outs in LaunchJnlp
  • try to figure out what is printing "getting code base".
  • "label: Infinity, Infinity" is showing up at least in plants-5-6 monitoring a living plant
  • the mac version requires flash to be installed for the mozswing components to show flash movies correctly. If flash is not installed the embedded mozswing components might ask you to install it, but doing so will probably not work.

Flash movie problem

  • the flash movies are included, but they won't be used by mozswing or the external browser because the browser isn't going through java to request files.
  • The new version of mozswing can be made to do this with Seongs changes
  • if the html files were made local then things would work properly, however then the otml files would need to be updated or there would need to be some special code in the OTMoz class so it can find the local version of some files.
  • files are not big so we'll ignore this problem for now.

Installer error

When trying to run Clouds (beginning) as student "SamS2"/"password," I clicked the link and then installed UDL 1.0 as requested. I then clicked the link again and got the following WebStart exception: no protocol: null&argument=
	at org.concord.WebstartResource.getUrl(
	at org.concord.JnlpResource.loadXML(
	at org.concord.Jnlp2Shell.<init>(
	at org.concord.Jnlp2Shell.<init>(
	at org.concord.LaunchJnlp.launch(
	at org.concord.LaunchJnlp.main(

The JNLP I was running was

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase="">
    <vendor>The Concord Consortium</vendor>
    <homepage href=""/>
    <description>Universal Design in Science Education (development site)</description>
    <icon href="" height="64" width="64"/>
<resources os="Mac OS X">
    <j2se version="1.5" max-heap-size="128m" initial-heap-size="32m"/>
  <property name="otrunk.view.frame_title" value="UDL - 73: Grades 3-4: UDL Clouds (Spring 2009)"/></resources>
    <j2se version="1.5+" max-heap-size="128m" initial-heap-size="32m"/>
    <jar href="org/concord/utilities/response-cache/response-cache-0.1.0-20090728.205151-9.jar"/>
    <jar href="org/concord/jnlp2shell/jnlp2shell-1.0-20090731.175855-168.jar" main="true"/>
    <property name="vendor" value="ConcordConsortium"/>
    <property name="product_name" value="UDL"/>
    <property name="product_version" value="1.0"/>
    <property name="not_found_url" value=""/>
    <property name="wrapped_jnlp" value=";description=UDL%201.0%20Launcher&amp;vendor=ConcordConsortium&amp;;href=;jnlp="/>
    <property name="mangle_wrapped_jnlp" value="true"/>
    <property name="resource_loc" value="resources"/>
    <property name="cache_loc" value="jars"/>
    <property name="jnlp2shell.compact_paths" value="true"/>
    <property name="jnlp2shell.read_only" value="true"/>
<application-desc main-class="org.concord.LaunchJnlp">

When I tried to go to the "wrapped jnlp" directly,;description=UDL%201.0%20Launcher&amp;vendor=ConcordConsortium&amp;;href=;jnlp=, I got the WebStart exception Unable to load resource: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:
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