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UDL Authoring

  • Why do we need a custom authoring environment?
    • With all these different axes it would be very difficult to maintain multiple versions of the content. Special tools are need to help an author deal with all these versions.
  • Built on the OTrunk and DIY technologies developed in teemss.
    • OTrunk allowed us to make activities for students to complete in teemss. In the UDL project we are going to use OTrunk to create the authoring enviroment and the authoring enviroment will make OTrunk files (otml) which the students will see.
  • Text based authoring will initially be in a wiki markup language but will move to be wysiwyg
  • Questions will have a special authoring component that allows an author to make multiple versions of each question, and each version can be tagged so the summary information about the types of questions can displayed to authors and to teachers.
  • Multiple "paths" through an activity will be create by authors. To make a path an author will choose an appropriate version for each question.
  • Teachers can choose which path a student uses.
  • Advanced teachers can also create their own paths, by choosing their own set of question versions.
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