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  • Carolyn ran jnlp on each computer day before.
  • Aaron preconfigured username and passwords in udl diy
  • One computer had 10.5, and the webstart fix doesn't work there, so it hung at 2%
  • 5 computers from concord took 45 minutes for all to start
    • one computer started in 25 minutes.
  • 1 other computer a white iBook, 10.4 webstart wasn't working, froze at 2% again.
  • Sam and Carolyn returned and one computer broke
  • It took a 1.5 minutes to start it again
  • Turned off the trust dialog.
  • Teachers didn't like the sound of the voice


  • white computer still needs to be fixed, not clear how.
  • could make a separate 3-4 udl jnlp, because it doesn't need mw.jar and netlogo.jar
    • Also, jnlp should point to a frozen version of mw.jar, since MW has constant minor updates that don't affect UDL but slow down start-up
  • try out proxying options for webstart: local proxy, p2p proxy
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