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  • getting a display component setup, so ann and teemss authors,
    can work with the xml and look at a preview
    • This requires scotts time to get it working.
    • it needs to look really close to what will be shown on the palms, so authors can figure out how to structure the content so it shows up correctly.
  • Assuming we can get an intern for the whole summer it would be best to give in a nice size task that would have well defined milestones, but it is building up his skills in a particular area. And perhaps by the end he will have created something really nice, and have some new skills. Having him do a bunch of different tasks will require more of lots of my time. In any case with any of these people it will take a lot of my time at the beginning.

Largish tasks

  • using vex to edit teemss content.
    • requires integration with database
    • offline version using subversion, cvs, something else.
    • embedded components??
  • using portfolio to edit teemss content
    • will not be as general as vex solution, because it will be more tailored to teemss structures
    • need more tools for handing embedded objects that are "text objects"
  • embed portfolio view into eclipse plugin.
    • use eclipse tree view
    • eclipse property editors
    • problem: swing component for rendering compound documents
  • syncing otrunk
    • use syncml, or java rsync, or java subversion
    • p2p sharing objects
    • store otrunk in eXist database, sync???
  • otrunk users, and reports
    • requires some global otrunk system that can handle multiple users portfolios see task above
  • handheld labbook improvements
    • first learn how the labbook system works
    • add new features to labbook components: compound documents, drawings,
    • syncing improvements: palm conduit stuff, pocket pc
    • multiple user: don't need multiple labbooks, just one with multiple users
  • waba low level stuff
    • screen resolution
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