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Quantity Unit Symbol ASCII Symbol Notes
temperature degree Celsius °C C
temperature degree Fahrenheit °F F
illuminance lux lx  
pressure pascal Pa  
voltage volt V  
force newton N  
length meter m  
velocity meter per second m/s  
acceleration meter per second squared m/s^2 m/s2 1
relative humidity % relative humidity % RH  
heart rate beats per second beats/s  
electric current ampere A  
energy joule J  
power watt W  
plane angle radian rad  
plane angle degree ° deg  
plane angle minute ' min
plane angle second '' sec
angular velocity radian per second rad/s  
sound pressure level pascal Pa  
sound pressure level decibel (SPL-A) db A   2

1) The characters caret-2 represent a superscripted 2 and should be displayed as follows 2.

2) The A-weighting is a measure of sound pressure level that is adjusted for the response of the human ear.

// Required

  • degC
  • degC
  • lx
  • Pa
  • V
  • N
  • m/s
  • pctRH

// Requested

  • m/s^2
  • beat/s

// Electricity related

  • A
  • W
  • J
  • m
  • dB
  • deg
  • rad/s
  • m/s
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