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Here is an approach for doing technical hints that only a little modification to the current object structure.

It also includes how to use PfFrame objects.

There will be a new PfTechnical Hint object it will have the following properties:

  • vendorChoice
  • hintMap

The vendor choice is a reference to a PfChoice object. The value of this choice will be used
to pick which vendor the user wants to use. The hintMap will map a company to a particualar technical hint implementation. So the actually xml will look something like this:

<PfChoice local_id="vendor_choice" >
    <PfCompoundDoc local_id="vendor_1"><text>Vernier</text></PfCompoundDoc>
    <PfCompoundDoc local_id="vendor_2"><text>Fourier</text></PfCompoundDoc>


<PfTechnicalHint local_id="tech_hint_1">
  <title>Temperature Technical Hint</title>
  <vendorChoice><object refid="${vendor_choice}"/></vendorChoice>
    <entry key="${vendor_1}">
         Text of technical implementation for vendor 1 goes here
    <entry key="${vendor_2}">
         Text of technical implementation for vendor 2 goes here
    <entry key="default">
         Text of a default technical hint goes here.   If the vendor has not be chosen
or there is not technical hint specific for this vendor then it should go here.


<OTFrame local_id="tech_hint_frame" >
  <title>Technical Hint Frame</title>


<!-- this is with the text of compound document -->
.... collect temperature 
<a href="${tech_hint_1}" target="${tech_hint_frame}">
see temperature technical hint

It might have to change, because it isn't linked to the InterfaceManager, however perhaps the interface manager should be linked to it??? Anyhow...

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