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Instructions for student Pre-tests

  1. Choose the units you will be using with your students. You must use at least three (3) of the TEEMSS units at your grade level. Give your students the pre-test before they use the unit. The Earth Science pre-tests will be available at the beginning of November. There will no Technology/Engineering pre- or post-tests. If you use units outside of your grade level, you do not need to give pre-tests.
  2. After you do each topic with your students, you'll give them the post-test for that unit.
  3. Download the pre-test PDF files and print them. Make enough copies of each test for all of your students. Double-sided copying is fine. NOTE: although some pages have color pictures, the test should be printed out in normal black and white/grayscale mode.
    If you have trouble opening the files, or if something doesn't look right when you print them, contact Ed Hazzard (
  4. When you administer the tests, make sure to use the stickers that were sent to you by SRI. Apply the ID labels (see ?How to use student ID labels?). Each student test booklet must have its own ID label. BUT students can peel off their name label as soon as they get their test book.
  5. Reassure your students about the tests by telling them that these tests are part of a research study for a science program you're involved in. Let students know the tests will not affect their grades, and they should just do the best they can but try NOT to leave a question blank.
  6. The test questions should be treated as proprietary and confidential, and should not be shared with others or used for any other purposes. This will ensure that students do not have an unfair advantage when they take the post-test.
  7. Please refrain from the following:
    "Teaching to the test" or using the items in your teaching before or after giving the test;
    Talking about the test afterwards;
    Keeping copies of the test or test items.
  8. Collect all tests and sequence them according to the last three digits of the ID number on the right side of the ID label (001, 002, 003 etc.) Put all pre and post tests from a single unit together. DO NOT CLIP OR STAPLE MULTIPLE STUDENT TESTS TOGETHER.
  9. We will send you instructions about where to send the pre-tests once they are all collected.
  10. If you have any questions or concerns about the tests, please contact Shari Metcalf by e-mail (

Choose the link that matches your students' grade level:
Pre-Tests for Grades 3-4
Pre-Tests for Grades 5-6
Pre-Tests for Grades 7-8

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