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To build SensorPort, the waba version of the teemss software, you need eclipse 3.1, and currently
you need linux. See below for notes on other platforms.

After getting that you need to check out several projects from concord cvs:

  • AppleStub
  • CCProbe
  • Framework
  • Sensor
  • SensorWaba
  • WabaTools
  • WabaUtil
  • SuperWabaSDK
  • SuperWabaJump
  • thirdparty

If you want to build the proprietary sensor drivers you need to get these private projects:

  • SensorPasco

After checking out these project, you need to build 2 native programs pila, and pilrc. You
can do this by going into the WabaTools project and typing "make" on command line.

Now to build the SensorPort.prc file for the palm you go into the CCProbe/Jump folder and run
./ on the command line. This should create the SensorPort.prc file in the
CCProbe/Jump/builds folder.

Building on other Platforms

  • Most of the code will build just fine on other platforms, You need to build or find a version
    of pila and pilrc. The versions of these programs matter look at the code in WabaTools to figure out
    what version you need.
  • The file is a shell file so it will only work on platforms with "sh". That file could be
    converted to an apache ant file which would make it more portable.
  • OSX - it might just work here, I just haven't tried. However there were some changes to the pila source to
    make it compile on darwin. But these were made for an older version of OSX, so there might need to be more
    changes for the current version of OSX.
  • Windows - you can try to use cygwin, however one developer had trouble compiling pila on cygwin. It seemed
    to require some tweaking. I'm sure it could work if you are familar with compiling things on cygwin. You also need
    to be careful when calling Java from cygwin. Java on windows uses ; to seperate paths even when it is running
    under cygwin. So the script file would have to be changed to accompidate that.

Waba Version Notes

There are 2 version of waba in use in this project:

  • SuperWaba 5.1 located in the SuperWabaSDK project
  • SuperWaba 4.0.1 located in the WabaTools/sdk-4.0.1 folder

The older version is used by SuperWabaJump. That is the tool that converts Waba
class files into a native palm application. Some apis from 4.0.1 to 5.1, so when adding code you should
check to make sure it work with the older 4.0.1 version.

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