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Description of Release Areas

Right now there are two locations for downloading SensorPortfolio programs for the Palm (and later for the Pocket PC):


This location has the prc and pdb files which are released to the teachers. The OTHER location is where the most current prc files are located from Scott's testing and compiling. This is the url for those files.


When ready the files located here are copied from the Build to the Release pages.

Each time the SensorPort application is updated the suffix on the name is changed. On the build page the SensorPort application has the following name:


The 2005 section refers to the year, the 1107 section refers to November 11th, and the 00 section is a sequence # for the release for that day.

We need to be very careful about updating Labbooks!!!! The teachers need to be warned with something like the following:

WARNING: updating a Labbook will erase any student work that has been completed. Only do this after completing a unit and either sending or uploading a copy of your Labook with the student work to us.

Process for updating

Putting a new build on the server.

  1. I build the SensorPort on my machine. See SensorPort Build Environment for info about building.
  2. Then I test it on a Palm
  3. Make sure the BUILD number in CCProbe/src/org.concord.ccprobe.Version is todays timestamp.
    static public int BUILD 	  = 2005111800;
  4. copy the SensorPort.prc to maggie with the timestamp added to end of the file name it goes in the
    maggie:/web/ folder.
  5. update maggie:/web/
    so it references the correct file.

Releasing a SensorPort build to the teachers

  1. Have some people (Stephen, Ed, Brad, Carolyn) test the SensorPort version you want to release. Make sure it works with the
    current labbook, and it works with both the lc and airlink sensors.
  2. copy the SensorPort-XXX.prc file from:
  3. update maggie:/web/
    so it references the correct SensorPort.prc

Releasing a LabBook build to the teachers

  1. copy the current labbook built by the portal in the
  2. make sure it has the correct timestamp appended to it.
  3. update maggie:/web/
    so it references the correct LabBook
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