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What do we need to figure out

We need to find a way to integrate with at least some of the manufactures and it can't take too much of our time.

Questions for them

Actual Questions

  • Drivers
    • do they have drivers we or they can wrap so tey work with our software?
    • can they write drivers to a spec we supply.?
    • can they write these drivers in java/waba?
    • pc pulling data from the device, pc receiving data from device.
    • probe ids? key part is what to do when wrong sensor is plugged in.
    • calibrations do they need them? where are the calibrations stored?
    • device battery levels? can the software talk to the device when the batteries are dead and figure out the batteries are dead?
  • Inter-application communication
    • do they understand this method of getting data from their probes?
    • what language and framework is their software written in?
    • error conditions what about when wrong sensor is plugged in we need the error message.
  • How much time
    • how much time do they say they can spend
    • how much do we think they will really spend
  • How long will it take for them to do development and releasing
    • drivers will be custom for us so they might not require changes to their deployed software.
    • changes to their software require them releasing these changes at least to us so we can get them to the teachers. It might be that we don't want to be the middle man helping with their software deployment.
  • Licensing: we need to make the LGPL a policy with our code so can link with their drivers.
    • If we can have the code for their drivers it might make our lives much easier during development and testing. But we don't need it.
  • Ask if they have contacts to do the programming.


  • Approach one: More research
    • We can identify 3 manf. to start with.
    • Scott Cytacki will look at each and try to figure out more specific questions than the ones above.
    • Then we figure out and call the relevant people at company.
  • Approach 2: Just Call them
    • Try to find someone there that is knoledgable of both the technology and the companies politic and procedures that we can brainstorm with.
    • This way we don't waste time looking at things that might be impossible

In either case we need 3 manf:

  • Verner
  • Pasco
  • Data Harvest
  • TI for commitment

Vendor Technical Conversations


There is a short list of systems in a table at:

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