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(1 month more design) this doesn't have any design yet. It involves integrating lots of systems. And some of those systems are changing for example the CC Portal.

This is supposed to pull everything together. The other pieces will fit into it. This needs a lot of design work. It kind of depends on knowing what everything else will be. Those other pieces might be defined well enought at this point. I would guess a month of design time for this. That would be the initial design. If we are going to do just one cycle then maybe 2 months.

The other pieces are:

  • lenya authoring system
  • result of lenya authoring
  • dicussion boards
  • news feeds
  • mailing lists
  • reports for teachers
  • web access to portfolio for students
  • web access to launch CCPortfolio
  • integrated with concord portal so users, teachers, schools are shared through both systems.
  • wiki integration (maybe)

what else?

Is the portal some thing that we can plug all these things into? Or is just lots of integration scripts so we can have a single signon to all these things? I think it will be some combination of that.

We hope that some part of the Portal is available on the school servers. We've been calling this the CCPortfolioServer.

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