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This is very difficult to define. Perhaps the best thing to do is document what we do so we can review it later.

Distilled Ideas from this Process

  • This takes time. I(Scott) estimate it has taken me 3 weeks of my full time so far. Which translates into 2 months given the amount of time I've been able to spend on teemss.
  • It is very hard to do planning when the skills and abilities of the people working on the project are not known. So getting all the people on the project figured out should be the top priority.

Notes as we go

  • We started in Jan. we were focused on a meeting with Manfuactures at the end of the month. We came up with the initial parts of the plan during this time. We tried to put some times on them. My main goal was a schedule, but of course to have an accurate schedule we needed to define the technical goals of the project more.
  • Then we needed to put a hold on teemss development so little work happened for most of Feb.
  • Near the end March we started focusing on teemss again.
  • From March until May we been working on the plan. Ann has started doing some development for a short requrement of the Authors. However we still don't have a full schedule for tech part of the project. We are still brainstorming new ideas for the project and would like to continue to do so.
  • May 7: While still trying to figure out the schedule I realized I need much more design time on each part of the project before I can figure out a reasonable schedule. Specifically the portal. It isn't clear to me how the portal will fit into all of this. And it isn't clear how the CCPortfolio will integrate in with the Authoring environment. I also need some diagrams so Carolyn will have more of an idea of the portal, portfolio, authoring environment. Also i think it is more clear that I should spend time on designing the core part more and only a little bit of time on the manf. Finally I really hope I can use FastTrack or something like it to keep track of all the scheduling.
  • Sept 8: Where has the time gone There was a update of all this a month and a half ago where i tried to update all the dates and reevaluate what is possible. I need to do that again, soon. We are now at point with the manufactures and the portfolio and authoring system where we can look at the time again. Ann has spent the last months working on the authoring system. It started as a temporary request by Carolyn to have something working in 2 weeks. That was months ago. I need to figure out where she is now with all of that.
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