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Bluetooh serial error code info

  • 769 - serErrBadParam - this is the error code when the user cancels the bluetooth selection dialog.
  • 773 - serErrTimeout - if the device being connected to is restarted this goes away. Probably reseting
    the palm will also fix this.
  • 774 - serErrLineErr - got one of these while trying to stop the device after getting a lot of out of sequence errors. I believe it occured because a serial port error happened while collecting data that wasn't logged.
  • 775 - serErrAlreadyOpen - this occured when bluetooth was being used by something else
    for example a web connection to a bluetooth router
  • 778 - serErrNotSupported - the bluetooth connection window doesn't even open. reseting device fixes
  • 12583 - btLibErrCanceled - canceled while negotiating with device
  • perhaps we saw a 668 or 688

Error code list

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