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Getting to the virtual terminals:
ctrl+alt+fn+1 - takes you to virtual terminal 1 you can log in as root with no password
ctrl+alt+(third button from the top left is a circle of dots) - also takes you to the terminal 1
With the fn key you can use 2,3,4,5 or 6 instead of 1 to go to a different terminal (standard linux f1-f6)
You can also use the keys on the top of the keyboard moving right to left.
alt-0 toggle developer console

Getting back to the gui (sugar/x11)
ctrl+alt+(5th dot from the left in the sequence of dots at the top of the keyboard)

You can mount a usb memory stick
go to to the virtual terminal
login as root
plug in the usb stick
make the /mnt/stick directory if it doesn't exist:

mkdir /mnt/stick

mount the usb device:

mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/stick

now you can cd to /mnt/stick to access the files on the usb stick
when you are done unmount it:

umount /mnt/stick

To make sure the usb stick is recognized

the first few times you will want to do the following to see if it works:

tail \-f /var/log/messages

then plugin your

Sugar emulation on Mac


Communication between the host and the emulator


Redirect ssh port when running qemu. For example,

/Applications/ -m 256 -redir tcp:2222::22 -hda /Users/skim/sk/proj/olpc/xo_images/olpc-redhat-stream-development-build-542-20070801_0412-devel_ext3.img

(The GUI front of Q doesn't seem to remember command line arguments)

Then ssh or scp onto that port:

ssh -o NoHostAuthenticationForLocalhost=yes -p 2222 root@localhost
 scp -o _sourcepath_ NoHostAuthenticationForLocalhost=yes -P 2222 root@localhost:_destpath_

Use whatever ip address the virtual host has obtained, e.g., /sbin/dhclient eth0, for ssh and scp.


As of November 2007, Gutsy Gibbon didn't work. Install Feisty Fawn instead (with 512MB RAM).

If the window size of Sugar is too big, see
for instructions on modifying resolution/size.

xauth problem

Some recent builds keep restarting X with error message about client being rejected from server.
It can be circumvented by removing the line for .Xauthority from /etc/rwtab and deleting ~olpc/.Xauthority.
Better boot in devboard mode to get some time to edit between X convulsions.




The development site ( is a trac site where you can browse the source history.

Log files for Sugar are located under ~olpc/.sugar/default/logs.

Version issues

sugar-jhbuild, as of 11/11/2007, requires the following entries for

  • bundle_id
  • name
  • activity_version
  • mime_types
  • exec
  • show_launcher
  • icon

And sugar-activity-factory was replaced with sugar-launch.
It states in the code that service_name and class are deprecated for bundle_id and exec.

Yet as of redhat image build 623, sugar-install-bundle demands a service_name and class, and sugar-activity-factory exists
instead of sugar-launch.

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