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Multiple Portfolios on the same handheld

Several groups of students can use the same Palm. Each group runs the same application (SensortPort) but creates its own Portfolio, which contains all of that group's answers and data.

When the students open SensorPort, they will see this screen.

Select "New Portfolio" and name it (in this case, "test1). Select a class period if desired. Then select "Add User"

Add and save the list of students using that Portfolio.

When this is done, they can select their Portfolio and hit "Open".

They will then see the basic menu of instructional units and data collectors. Their work will be automatically saved in the Portfolio they have created.

When a group runs SensorPort again, they will see this screen:

They should select their portfolio from the circled list and select "Open". Their work will still be visible.

The next student group to use the Palm will select "New Portfolio" and make their own in the same way as above. They will then open that portfolio and run it.

newportfolio.jpg (image/jpeg)
nameportfolio.jpg (image/jpeg)
menusensorport.jpg (image/jpeg)
makenewportfolio.jpg (image/jpeg)
adduser.jpg (image/jpeg)
selectexportfolio.jpg (image/jpeg)
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