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SensorPortfolio files:

We are working on making an installer program which will complete most of the steps detailed below automatically. Until this is completed these are the steps for installing SensorPort on a PocketPC handheld computer.

You first need to install SuperWaba for the PocketPC:

SuperWaba PocketPC installers:

Then you need to install SensorPort on the PocketPC:

Finally you need to setup the bluetooth connection with the Sensor Interface you will be using:
PocketPC Bluetooth Setup

Old instructions for manually installing files.

Then you need the SensorPort.pdb file (whiich needs to be renamed to "SensorPort.pdb"):

And the correct exe files for your PocketPC system.

And one copy of a LabBook (which also needs to be renamed to "LabBook.pdb"):


After installing SuperWaba your pocketpc needs will have a /SuperWaba folder with lots of files. You need to create a folder there named: SensorPort. The program file SensorPort.pdb and one of either the Data Harvest or AirLink SI LabBook.pdb files need to be put there. The specific interface LabBook file should be renamed LabBook.pdb. Additionally the file SensorPort-xxxxxx.pdb fiile should be renamed SensorPort.pdb. All the files need to have those exact names. The SensorPort.exe file can go anywhere you want. This the the file you will use to start SensorPort. A good place is in the folder /Windows/Start Menu/Programs. Then it will show up in the Start menu and be easy to start.

So in the end you should have:

  • /SuperWaba/(lots of superwaba files)
  • /SuperWaba/SensorPort/SensorPort.pdb
  • /SuperWaba/SensorPort/LabBook.pdb
  • /Windows/Start Menu/Programs/SensorPort.exe

If you have put the file SensorPort.exe in the folder "/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/ then you will find the program SensorPort listed in the Start menu.

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