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SensorPort on a PocketPC

Dell PocketPCs

PocketPCs without Bluetooth built-in:

PocketPCs with Bluetooth and WiFi built-in:

PocketPCs with Bluetooth, WiFi, and a Compact Flash slot built-in:

Palm compatibility with ImagiProbe/Pasco interfaces

Here is a list of recent Palm models and their compatibility with the ImagiProbe LC and Bluetooth-AirLink interfaces. All of the models in the first three sections are relatively recent models, have a minimum of 320x320 resolution, and have PalmOS v5.0 or later installed:

Palms with Bluetooth built-in (compatible with Imagi/Pasco AirLink)

Palms with 'Universal Ports' (compatible with ImagiProbe LC sled)

  • Zire 71
  • Tungsten T
  • Tungsten T2
  • Tungsten C
  • Tungsten T3 (not compatible with ImagiProbeLC due to OS bug with serial port)

Palms without Bluetooth or 'Universal Ports' (these can't be used with probes)

More Info

more heap sizes: taken from
I couldn't find this in the palm developer site, yet, but it is quite different from the other list

Device       Dynamic Heap  Storage Heap
Tungsten C   12MB          51MB
Tungsten E   2MB           28MB
Tungsten T   800KB         14MB
Tungsten T2  800KB         30MB
Tungsten T3  11MB          52MB
Zire         121KB         1.8MB
Zire 21      512KB         8MB
Zire 31      1MB           13.8MB
Zire 71      1MB           13MB
Zire 72      5MB           24MB

Palm App for showing and hogging memory. We can use it to get an idea about memory usage.

Java for Pocket PC:

palm-models.xls (application/
palm-models.xls (application/
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