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I looked at this first. This provides a tomcate based server that handles versioning and work flow. It also has wysiwyg editor for IE, and it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to add one for Mozilla. The downside is that they are really pushing JSP and JSP templates not XML. The problem I can see with this is that it makes a lot of the back end content have html in it. I didn't find obvious examples of XSL, and I didn't find how one would edit an XML file in their wysiwyg editor. It sounds like all this possible but it doesn't seem to be there. I also really don't like their "back-office" environment. They are essentially trying to make something very similar to a java webdav client inside a web browser. It would not be a fun environment to spend a lot of time at least for me.


With OpenCMS I installed it before reading a lot of the documentation. With Leyna I've been reading documentation. Leyna itself doesn't have very much but it is based on Cocoon which has lots of documentation. The hard part with cocoon is to figure out how we get an authoring environment out of it. Cocoon essentially provides a caching pipeline for xml processing. This processing can get really fancy with dynamic pages coming from databases. And it has this interesting (but hard to debug) approach of XSP where java can be embedded in xml documents. By itself cocoon doesn't provide any version control or workflow, or wysiwyg editing. Leyna which is built ontop of cocoon provides this.

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