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Current list of requirements:

  • drawing predictions on line graphs
  • putting simple annotations on graphs one letter labels is ok for carolyn
  • making small bar graphs to be used in comparison questions.
  • using small images as the bars on the graph
  • entry fields that collect data directly into them.
  • ability to place entry fields at different positions on an image.
  • tables embedded in curriculm

They don't need to be fully designed but we need a rough estimate of what is possible and what each can do so the activity writers can know what they can use.

How much of this do we need to change from CCProbe? Some of this development and design should go into the other sections. For example the CCPortfolio stuff. Is more about the Distributed Object thing.
1 month of design because this is so wide open

Do we require color screens????

  • Do we want to use waba on all pocket pc? Or would java be better.
  • Graph - what needs to be changed, added ...
    • images on bars
    • drawing segments on the graph
    • linking moving model to graph.
  • Data Table -
    • active table. It shows current data as it comes in.
    • preformated table with labels for each point you are going to take
    • multiple measurements for each label.
    • student setting up tables with labels on both sides. Collecting data in each cell. Then students can analyze how the presentation works.
  • CompoundDocument - editing, redesign?
  • Image Map with objects sitting on top. For example an image of a room and text boxes for students to enter in where they took data. The position of the objects could be pre-defined or user-defined.
  • Drawing program ? (Can we use the existing memo pad by calling it the right way)
    • would like to preset an image under the drawing so students can draw on top of that. the image would need to be
      locked so students can't change it.
  • Models???? what models need to be on the palm who is going to do them? Should they be done in native code on the palm and java everywhere else?
    • response time a game to test the speed a student clicks in reponse to a visual or audio cues.
    • concept grapher – arrows??
    • poplution model for evolution??
    • motion cars model. It is similar to the box that moves up and down in rtt but it moves horizontally instead.
    • collaborative models??
  • Gui view of CCPortfolio
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