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New technologies

UUIDs - jug
Synchronization - Sync4j
Java XML Data binding - XMLBeans


  • Object Trunk - this is a mechanism for storing and retreiving "objects"
  • not intended for java objects
  • Separate storage object is used: OTDataObject. Each OTObject in this system uses an OTDataObject to store and load its information
  • each OTDataObject has a collection of resources. Resources can be: blob, boolean, sting, list, map, object id
  • each OTDataObject has a UUID.
  • Currently there are no transactions. As soon as a resource in a OTDataObject is modified this change perminent.
  • The main implementation uses files with UUID for the file name data is a serialization of the OTDataObject.
    • there is also an ozone implementation. this might be useful if we want to have several programs accessing an OTrunk database at the same time.
  • User Objects:
    • database implementation must implement User Object mapping
    • given a user and a object id . the database returns a OTUserDataObject.
    • if anything makes a change to this UserDataObject then a new DataObject will be created for that object.
  • XML Import
    • basic import of data objects is hard to use.
      <Resource name=""></Resource>
      <Resource name=""></Resource>
      Similar to Workspace using object concept
      xml import of objects


Synching of otrunk objects
Implementation of some simple objects
Compound Documents

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