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The Concord Consortium is a nonprofit educational research and development organization based in Concord, Massachusetts. They are a team of learning scientists who create interactive materials that exploit the power of information technologies. Their primary goal is digital equity – improving learning opportunities for all students.

How Concord Consortium is involved

The Concord Consortium has partnered with educational researchers at UC Berkeley since the mid 1980's, when the two groups pioneered the use of electronic temperature and light probes in middle school science computer-based projects.

More recently, Concord scientists have developed a repertoire of rich models and visualizations to help middle and high school students learn concepts in the physical, life and earth sciences. Concord Consortium and UC Berkeley staff have collaborated in writing several grant proposals to embed these rich visualizations into larger inquiry projects coordinated by WISE. This ongoing work of integrating our two technology platforms led to many important developments in the respective architectures, and has informed the design of the SAIL architecture.

The latest joint project from Concord and UC Berkeley is the "Educational Accelerator" – a large-scale technology resource shared by researchers in many institutions in much the same ways that physicists from various institutions pool their resources to share large particle accelerators (whence the name!) The Educational Accelerator is also referred to as the Technology for Enhancing Learning in Science (TELS) center. This center is funded by the National Science Foundation until 2009, with a five-year extension possible.

CC Tasks

Exploring TELS

Below are links to the current active pages involved in TELS related design and development at the Concord Consortium.

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