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Pasco   Product Notes Ready Tested
Interface ScienceWorkshop 500, CI-6400 serial interface (no USB)    
  USB/Serial Converter, CI-6759 needed for CI-6400    
Sensors   ScienceWorkshop Sensors All the sensors that work with ScienceWorkshop    
Temperature   Temperature Sensor, CI-6505B stainless steel    
  Thermistor Temperature Sensor, CI-6527A does not include sensor  
  Thermistor Fast Response Temperature Probe (3 pack), PS-2135 sensors only – must be used with CI-6527A  
Light Light Sensor, CI-6504A 3 ranges: 1x Gain: 500,
10x Gain: 50,
100x Gain: 5 Lux
Force Economy Force Sensor, CI-6746 All of Pasco's force sensors have a push button tare (zeroing)    
Relative Humidity Relative Humidity Sensor, CI-6559      
Motion Motion Sensor II, CI-6742      
Voltage Voltage Sensor, CI-6503      
Accelerometer   Acceleration Sensor, CI-6558      
Pressure Absolute Pressure Sensor, CI-6532A      
Interface Go! Link, GO-LINK Stephen and Scott have one win,mac  
    Go! Temp, GO-TEMP basically a Go! Link with a built-in temperature probe  
  Go! Motion, GO-MOT basically a Go! Link with a built-in sonar ranger  
Sensors   Sensors for Go! Link      
Temperature Surface Temperature Sensor (STS-BTA)    
Light Light Sensor, LS-BTA 3 ranges: 600, 6000, 150000 Lux  
Force Dual-Range Force Sensor, DFS-BTA No external tare.    
Relative Humidity Relative Humidity Sensor, RH-BTA      
Motion     use Go! Motion for measuring motion    
Voltage Differential Voltage Probe, DVP-BTA range: +/- 6V    
    Voltage Probe, VP-BTA      
Pressure Gas Pressure Sensor, GPS-BTA      
Accelerometer   Low-g Accelerometer, LGA-BTA      
    25-g Accelerometer, ACC-BTA      
Interface   EasySense Flash Logger      
  EasySense Q      
Sensors   SmartQ SenSors      
Temperature   Temperature, Fast Response, 3101      
  Temperature, 3100 stainless steel body 21
Light   Light Level Sensor w/Smoothed Linear Response, 3122 100,000 Lux range    
Light Light Level Sensor w/Slow Linear Response, 3120 1000 Lux range 22
Force Force No external tare.   23
Relative Humidity Relative Humidity, 3145     24
Motion Motion w/rechargable battery, 3705 works with all EasySense and Flash loggers   25
Voltage Voltage, +/-20V, 3160     26
Pressure Absolute Gas Pressure, Barometer & Altimeter, 3140 Range 1: 0 to 110kPa, res: 0.1kPa; 2: 0 to 33in Hg, res: 0.01in Hg;3: Altitude -500 to 12000m, Res: 4 m    
Pressure   Differential Gas Pressure, 3141 range: +/- 200 kPa, resolution: 0.1 kPa    
Pressure   Differential Gas Pressure, 3139 range: +/- 10 kPa, resolution: 0.1 kPa    
Interface EcoLog XL   mac,win,lin  
Sensors   EcoLog XL Sensors      
Temperature Temperature   int & ext 11
Light Light 130,000 Lux int & ext 12
Force Force MultiLog sensor, Not in catalog under EcoLog XL    
Relative Humidity Humidity   internal 13
Motion Distance      
Voltage Voltage (+/-25V)      
Accelerometer     Not in catalog    
Pressure     Can use an older version pressure sensor with a special cable internal  
Interface CBL2 TI's version of a Vernier LabPro    
Sensors   CBL2 Probes TI supplies Temp, Light, and Voltage probes w/CBL2, other Vernier Probes work also    
Temperature   TI supplied probe, similar or the same as the Vernier Stainless Steel Temperature Probe 1
Light   TI supplied probe, 5000 Lux 2
Force Dual-Range Force Sensor, DFS-BTA Vernier, no external tare.  
Relative Humidity Relative Humidity Sensor, RH-BTA Vernier  
Motion   TI CBR 3
Voltage   TI supplied probe 4
Accelerometer     not used    
Pressure Gas Pressure Sensor, GPS-BTA Vernier 5
CMA Coach II          
Interface   CoachLab II      
Sensors   CMA Sensors      
Temperature   Temperature sensor, 0511      
    Temperature sensor, 016      
Light   Light sensor (150,000 Lux), 0143i      
Force   Force Sensor with two ranges, 0362 No external tare.    
Relative Humidity   Relative humidty sensor, 025i      
Motion   Motion Detector, 03517      
Voltage   Voltage sensor, 0515      
Accelerometer   Accelerometer, 0385      
Pressure   Pressure sensor, 023i      
    Gas Pressure sensor (0341) I think this is a Vernier probe    
Interface   ImagiProbe LC      
Relative Humidity          
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