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JNA Sizes

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Original "all" OS's

1,077K jna.jar

Mac Only x86 lib --no other OS

160K jna-darwin.jar
* darwin/libjnidispatch.jnilib

Sizes for OSX native libraries gzipped

* 91K libjnidispatch.jnilib.gz
* 29K libjnidispatch.jnilib.i386.gz
* 30K libjnidispatch.jnilib.ppc7400.gz
* 31K libjnidispatch.jnilib.x86_64.gz

All windows libs --no other OS

326K jna-windows.jar
* win32
* win32-amd64
* win32-x86

JNA Java by itself

* 126K jna-java.jar
* 40K jna-java.pack.gz 

Original GoIO sensor native

86k zip of GoIO by itself zipped
12k of compressed sensor-native native (C) code ontop of 
-- 98k native archive 
41k sensor-native java code
= 139k

JNA Stack

86k zip of GoIO by itself zipped
29k libjnidispatch.jnilib.i386.gz
-- 115k native archive
40k jna-java.pack.gz 
~20k sensor-vernier-jna java code
= 175k
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