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Day 1

No intrasession data transfer

  1. Pretest
  2. Choose a video and describe it
  3. Review other's descriptions
    • need to launch with access to all other students data for 2
  4. Revise your description very similar to 2 but the description should be saved to a new place so teacher can review each.
  5. Describe more videos
    • would be nice to have easy access to previous videos

Intrasession data transfer

  1. Pretest
  2. Video Describe, Review, Revise
    • learner data webdav urls are sent down
    • current user's url is loaded/or created
    • description of video and choosen video goes into user's db
    • going to the next page sends this to the server
    • review screen loads other students data with a reload or refresh time to look for new data
    • revised description goes in users data

Intrasession data notes

  • need ability to save data automatically when activity is quit
  • need portal to send diy list of users in class each time activity is run
    • what if a new workgroup is added after others have started??? This would require standard location either in DIY or elsewhere which can report on class workgroups.
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