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Topic 10: Projects

Students will undertake their own investigations using the tools and concepts developed in the earlier weeks. The project must include all the standards below. The project must involve measuring the velocity of something with an unbalanced force. Students can generate video data (or use canned videos that we provide) or they can use the motion detector.

  1. 8PCIE9.a. Plan and conduct a scientific investigation to test a hypothesis.
  2. 8PCIE9.b. Evaluate the accuracy and reproducibility of data.
  3. 8PCIE9.c. Distinguish between variable and controlled parameters in a test.
  4. 8PCIE9.d. Recognize the slope of the linear graph as the constant in the relationship y = kx and apply this principle in interpreting graphs constructed from data.
  5. 8PCIE9.e. Construct appropriate graphs from data and develop quantitative statements about the relationships between variables.
  6. 8PCIE9.g. Distinguish between linear and nonlinear relationships on a graph of data.
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