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As of Dec 15, 2008

Aaron is going to be doing most of work for the next few months.

Short Term Tasks

  • provide way for authors to self publish their own Pas activities.
    • this page has been started: Author LOOPS Pas Project
    • try to setup Ken and update that page in the process.
    • Sam has been using this process for UDL so perhaps he has documentation on this already.
    • The UDL team found it useful to look at the activities in trac so they could see their history.
    • the documentation should also include how to add a new activity to the DIY and then to the Pas Portal. Hiroki can help with the second part.
    • Also need to figure out authentication because outside authors might need to author these activities.
    • If possible document how to deal with conflicts
  • create a basic intra session collaboration
    • simple scenario:
      • activity contains a prompt asking students to describe something
      • each student answers the prompt, and presses submit, which takes then to a new screen
      • the new screen contains the answers of all the students and a refresh button to update the answers
    • implementation: re-use the REST/ basic webdav overlay database to store collaboration data.
      • activity is started with student overlays databases: this includes the overlay database of the current student and all of the other students
      • answer to collaboration question is stored in student overlay. This requires a new object and view which finds the current users "overlay" database and creates a new overlay database and corresponding OTObjectSession. The code for creating the overlay database and OTObjectSession already exists starting at line 129 of OTMultiUserRootView. The view uses this overlay to get the text entry object.
      • the submit button sends saves the overlay database back to the server
      • on the next page all the student answers are shown by loading in all the overlay databases. This part is very similar to the UDL dashboard report.
      • the refresh button needs to reload the databases. This functionality doesn't exist yet, but seems straightforward to add.

As of Sept. 16, 2008

Short Term Tasks

  • Aaron is completing work on demo of Incremental Study with Reporting launched from DIY
  • Jeff is working on reports for initial LOOPS version of Vector Treasure Hunt
  • Aaron is going to evaluate amount of time required to port first section of Vector Treasure Hunt to OTrunk.
  • Scott is checking with Ingrid to see if she wants to do the Vector Treasure Hunt work.
  • Scott is beginning work with Hiroki on integration with Wise 3 portal
  • Scott, Trudi and Aaron are going to make up mock ups of:
    • integration of OTrunk reports on Incremental Study in Pas Portal
    • teacher view(s) of 1 week of Quantum activities
    • student view(s) of 1 week of Quantum activities
  • Scott, Aaron, Stephen review 6 weeks of models and components.


  • one week of Quantum Activities completed with reports
  • integration of Incremental Study in Wise3 Portal
  • integration of one week of Quantum Activities in Wise3 Portal
  • January 2009 - full six weeks of Quantum Activities completed with reports
    • OTrunk integration of Models or Components for all 6 weeks


  • Scott: Nov 17-21; Dec 12 - Jan 26
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