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LOOPS agenda items
1) Discuss Force and Motion outline / Curriculum thoughts documents

2)  Establish possible dates to meet in person or vitually BEFORE the august retreat with the teachers on curriculum and reporting

*** LOOPS Teachers (6.12.2008) - see attached*
   Sequoia MS: Maureen Horne
    Experienced TELS teacher.
   Initially interested in LOOPS, but now worries about long curriculum units; doesn't want to abandon her own curriculum.
   Kathy sent email today, addressing her concerns.  Waiting for response.

    Glenbrook MS: Mike Marshall
    New TELS teacher
    Teaching both 6th and 8th grade science
    Committed to participating in LOOPS

    Valley View MS: Matthew Hesby
    NEW TELS teacher
    Most likely teaching 8th grade science for the first time next year
    Interested in collaborating since he has no established 8thgrade curriculum
    Interested in learning more.
    Kathy will contact him this week.

    Martinez JHS: Lauren Norse (and Jefferson?)
    Experienced MODELS teachers
    Lauren responded to Spitulnik's email, saying that she is interested, but can't make it to the August LOOPS workshop.
    Michele and Kathy will talk to both Lauren and Jefferson next week during the MODELS workshop.

3) Discuss Mt. Diablo pacing guide (Chem Reactions - late 1st semester and Forces beginning of Second semester)  and Martinez schedule- both Forces and Chem Reactions in second semester 

4) Discuss implications of availability of $9000 per school for computers, projector, computer cart and AirPort

5) Discuss ways to involve Toronto teachers in curriculum design process

6) Update from Concord on Motion prototype activity (repository work by Scott)

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