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Curriculum Development Plans - now until August meeting with teachers

Plans for Kevin's Airbags Middle School version

Revisit LOOPS/TELS Portals (Grading tool status, usability)

Logging / Report Prototype for Airbags

Finalize meeting date with LOOPS teachers Aug 22 ? Aug 24 (Kathy still waiting on teacher response.)

Logistics around purchasing computers and mobile cases-  if possible purchase by Sept 30 at latest

Status of  Network Connectivity at schools  Mt Diablo - (Valley View MS, Pleasant Hill,CA   Glenbrook MS in Concord, CA)    Albany MS and Martinez JHS (Kathy doesn't know yet - tech people at Mt. Diablo, at least, come back on August 4th.)

California assessment data for participating schools (Kathy hasn't looked into this yet.)

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