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Week 1

Week 1 Technology

Day 1

  • pretest (30 min)
  • teacher intro (25 min)
    • verbal start
    • student groups choose a video and describe in
    • all descriptions are made available to all groups, and teacher
    • verbally discuss good description, give a pivotal idea\
    • groups revise what they wrote
  • homework: describe more videos

Day 2

  • teacher demos motion sensor (5 min)
  • game: position slalom (15 min)
    • series of graphs each more difficult with automatic scoring as they get close to matching each graph
    • inquiry index
      • computed based on tries, and score increasing over time
      • scytacki: I don't believe that index will correlate to inquiry
  • activity: predict, try, evaluate prediction, evaluate ideas (25 min)
  • conceptual probe: graph produced by teacher and student sent to each student group. (10min)
    • groups annotate the graph: closest, farthest, fastest, and stopped.
    • graphs marked with group pseudonym and shown aggregated to the class.
    • before class teacher has to predict student performance, this is combined with actual results on teacher computer.
  • homework: predict a graph of objects motion over 3 meters, also can play slalom game outside of class
  • optional activity: students create x,t pairs for a graph then try to reproduce the graph.

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

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