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Discussed Possible top LOOPS:

1. "Revisitation" LOOP: Revisiting previous day's activity

  • Getting samples of student work as a way to revisit students' activity
  • Can teachers bring up previous activity on the screen, or a way to re-engage students' activities
  • Re-presenting an actual step/activity (in addition to re-presenting notes)
  • Template patterns (Slotta/Madeira): have teachers choose another pattern. For example, if an experimentation pattern didn't work, have teachers try out a critique pattern.
  • Allow teacher to state pedagogical objective, and then allow her to craft intervention and give teacher a toolkit.
  • Give teacher a way to bring activity back up on screen and allow her to connect with students' misconception. Also give teachers alternative ways to validate students' misunderstandings. Want teachers to revisit the inquiry part, not the lecture part.

2. "Exit Poll": Translating the clicker activity into WISE

  • Use our existing multiple choice tools and multi-modal questions. The only thing that is missing is projecting real-time student input on the board.

3. "Flag Five": Teachers can flag top 5 notes.

  • There could be a diagnosis phase in the reflection part.
  • Teachers see that student has certain ideas, and then what is the next instructional step?

4. "Inquiry Indicator" Loop: Making thinking visible.

  • Were students' experiments valid? How many trials did they run? Way to make students' activity patterns visible, that would guide teacher interactions with the students (McElhaney.)
  • Way to ensure that class discussions conducted well by giving them three patterns to discuss.
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