This page last changed on Oct 15, 2008 by hiroki.

Attendees: Scott and Hiroki
Duration: 10:45am PT->11:15 PT. (30 minutes)


  • Hiroki worked over the weekend to implement projectcommunicator and persist that to the db. projectcommunicator. Most of the logic that was in the ExternalProjectService has now been shifted to this domain object. Trying to avoid anemic domain design. Hiroki added GoogleMaps API to visualize the projectcommunicator end points.


  • (As of Sept 18,2008) we can preview activities now
  • (As of October 14, 2008) we can store multiple projectcommunicator endpoints with the portal and visualize it with GoogleMaps API.

Things to get done:

  • Hiroki will demo the UI and code to Scott
  • discuss setup run, create workgroup. <- needs "saving project to database" to work first.
  • update sail-portal at Concord (20 minutes)
  • decide how to split up work, if needed
    • see how it goes today and next week
    • not strict timelines at this moment.
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