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Launching the CC HWF Motion Probe Activity

Known Caveats:


  • Have to create or have students create all student groups before any student launches activity
    . to see the names of students in the groups, have First Name: Name1Name2Name3, Last Name: Group
  • Have to start teacher dashboard after all groups have registered
  • Cannot get individual reports until students quit the project

Launching the student activity, class report, and teacher dashboard:
Student Activity

  • Log in as a student
  • Click the green arrow to the left of the activity you wish to launch
    Class Report
  • Log in as a teacher
  • Select the class you want to view from the pulldown menu
  • Click the histogram icon to the right
    Teacher Dashboard
  • from within the class report, click the histogram at the top

CC Trial Narrative:
Before we set up, we made a class with eight students (groups, really). This way, new student groups would not need to be formed while people were setting up or starting the activity. I went into the conference room where we held the trial, got my laptop running, and signed in as the teacher, and opened up the class report.

As people brought in their laptops and set up, I gave them their login information and they launched the activity. I could refresh the class report to see who had launched it by noting the new green checks that appeared in each student/group's row.

Once everyone had started the activity, I could run the teacher report/dashboard and see the groups' graphs and polled answers once the students hit "submit". For Pick N, I would select the graphs to release for public viewing and then check off "release". If I wanted to update the list of released graphs, I could redo the selections and hit the "Save selections" button to update what the students saw. If I wanted to show the released graphs in their own window (say, on a projector or class computer), I could hit the "Public Display" button and a new window with the checked-off graphs inside would pop up. This window could then be moved into the second monitor's space. If some students lagged or redid their graphs, I could hit refresh to check their work again. Polls were similar, but there was only one item (a histrogram) for release or public display and so there was no "save selections" button.

For students, they had two buttons for each graph or polled questions: submit and results. "Submit" sent their answer/graph to the teacher and "results" displayed a pop-up window containing what the teacher had shared with the class. If the teacher had not yet released the results, the student pop-up window will be empty except for a message saying they need to wait for the teacher to release results.

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