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LOOPS Meeting Agenda:
July 16, 2008
3-5pm, 4407 Tolman Hall

Concord: Bell Bannasch Tinker Horwitz Staudt Schoonover
Berkeley: Linn (call in) McElhaney Chiu Benemann
Norse (MJHS) Hartman (MJHS)
Place (AMS) Mapes (AMS)
Marshall (GMS)
Hesby (VVMS

  1. Introductions (10 minutes)


  1. LOOPS Overview: Tinker & Bell (5 minutes)
    1. Describe nature of project, instructional and learning goals
    2. Connection to current teacher use of technology in classroom


  1. Discussion: Benemann & Bell (15 minutes)
    1. Teachers prepare response to:  "Select a topic within your force, motion, or chemical reaction units.  Think about both a success and challenge you encounter when teaching this topic.  What instructional/curricular strategies have you employed?  What works?"
    2. Teachers share responses with the group.  Researchers and Concord collect these responses.  Use possible challenges as launch board for how LOOPS technology and curriculum can address these challenges by enhancing already successful instructional strategies.


  1. Airbags Demo: McElhaney (15 minutes)
    1. Need to ask teachers about their own motion units (ask teachers to prepare this response before hand).  How long do they teach motion? 
    2. Kevin shows group aspects of HS airbags project that they could see in MS project.  Specifically, dynamic visualizations and experimentation items. 
    3. NOTE: Airbags could also encompass introduction into force unit. 
    4. Teacher input


  1. Velocity Customizations: Norse, Hartman, Place, Mapes  (10 minutes)
    1. Teachers share how they have customized Velocity project
    2. Replace Velocity with Airbags?  Use both? 


  1. Concord Demos: Bannasch (20 minutes)
    1. Motion Detector
    2. Video Motion Analysis
    4. Teacher input


  1. Curriculum Development (10 minutes)
    1. How is this going to work for the teachers
    2. Address concerns, answer questions
    3. Timeline, scheduling future meetings
    4. Resources, stipend
    5. Teacher input

** Next possible meeting date: August 20th?  All day?  Ask teachers if available. 

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