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LOOPS Leaders Meeting

April 11, 2008

Meeting agenda:

  1. LOOPS IP Agreement status
  2. Teacher Selection 8th grade teachers Kathy B has so far:  Foothill MS (Low-Diversity School: Corrie Garner) Sequoia MS (Middle-Diversity School): Maureen Horne: Glenbrook MS (High-Diversity School): Mike Marshall.  Corrie and Maureen have both run the Velocity projects.
    • When do they teach force and motion?
  3. Next meeting date- DECIDED on May 15 @ 3 PM EDT  - 12 NOON PDT
  4. Project milestones (May 15 ?)
  5. Technology Scenarios/Demonstrations
    • Teacher Dashboard
    • Logging and the Inquiry Index
    • Collaboration Tool
    • Student Progress Tool
    • Lesson PLanning Environment
    • Activity Customizing and Authoring
    • Social Network and Recommender
  6. Discuss "Retreat Goals" for  TELS/LOOPS tech day
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